Monday, 1 February 2010


I have been sick in bed all weekend with some very bad cold and fever so it was lovely to see all your blogs. In desperation I tried to book a ticket yesterday to Briancon, but was told by Eurostar not until the 1st of April. Anyway I made this mad creature a while ago and forgot to show you all with the fabrics that I bought with Linda and Danielle in London It is 1925 French ticking (not sure how you spell ticking)and the book to make the box I picked up in France last summer. It reminded me of the vocabulary one had to learn in school. The fabric was quite hard to sew with and the face is a bit sad, but I think it has a sought of "coco chanel" ness to it.
Beinn's teacher sent home a note asking if there was a parent that was any good at sewing and papier machie. I laughed out loud. She came and had lunch and I showed her all "OUR" work. So now she wants me to go and do a workshop with 7 year olds. I am planing on making mad animals. It will be fun to see what they all come up with. Enjoy the snow Rebeka and Jonie. Enjoy Jonie, Oolie! and get in touch with me Danielle.
Love to you all Joanna


  1. Dear Joanna(er)- So sorry to hear you have been under the weather....hopefully you are on the mend. Your red French ticking doll is marvelous! Was it hard to sew the fabric because it is thick? I love the prominent heart! Have a great time creating with the 7 year olds...hope to see lots of photos! Take good care. Love- Julie/Oolie

  2. HOW MUCH FUN!!!!!
    I love doing classes with younger children. They are so "in the moment" and delight in everything!
    I think that making animals will be perfect!
    PLEASE take photos during and after, of what they made, okay?
    I did a sewing project with 1st graders a couple of years ago. We made "stuffies" ...I will write more about that later.

    Hope you are feeling better.
    Get in touch with Danielle about going to Briancon, okay?
    We are talking about driving - you, Danielle, Sue and me!
    What do you think?

    take care!

  3. Hi Joanna, I am sorry to not have called you back, Fran did tell me you had called...every time I look at the clock, its either tea time or too late...will try this evening.
    I love your red man, he looks very vintage and very hot! Agree about taking your camera to the kiddy classes, they are so talented before they get corrupted by the teenager years! Hope to see/speak to you soon

  4. Hello Joanna!
    Your creature has a truly strong personality and the fabric he´s made in looks really cool!
    I´m trying to convince myself to enjoy the snow, but right now we´re
    having a snowstorm here so it´s a bit hard;)

    One idea about making papier maché with kids....
    is that you let them make a drawing first and after that they try to construct their mad animal or whatever you decide to use as a theme!
    We have done that in my school and it turned out really well...
    They created aliens.
    Instead of using old papers as covers you can also use tissue paper in beautiful colors.
    Good luck

  5. I would like to come take the class, too.......
    I agree with Becky that tissue paper can be wonderful!

    I can't wait to "see" and "hear" all about it!


  6. Your man is wonderful. I love his colors. Do the boys like him and want to hug him up? Let us know how teaching goes.