Thursday, 26 May 2011

you MUST check out this site (below)....the felted animals are extraordinary.
I know that all for you will appreciate them - they really make me smile.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A quick knit scarf.

I've recently joined a creative knitting group and we've been learning about cables. This is my experimentation scarf with a double sided cable and dropped stitches. It's a bit hard to see but the cable is the same on both sides of the scarf - achieved with a 1x1 rib rather than rows of plain/purl knitting - for those of you who knit. It took hardly any time as the wool was thick and there were only 18 stitches. I'm going to do another one without the dropped stitches for a friend's husband as it looked quite a 'masculine' scarf design - but I do have quite a bit of time before winter - so guess there's no rush. Have also been inchie trialling....

Monday, 23 May 2011

finished inchie

Here it is, one finished inchie. I'm about half-way through and loving every minute of this project!

A Self- Portrait Made Of Beads

and his self-portrait made of beads!
I LOVE him!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little works of art

Twelvemo FigureTwelvemo FigureTwelvemo FigureTwelvemo Figure


This is an amazing little poseable figure my friend Sarah made completely from 'scratch' (took her two years!!). I am thinking of her posing in Briancon amongst all Julie's wares - she does have a very blissful expression (the doll not Sarah!).

Sarah's also made these teeny little silver dancers (and is selling them on Etsy).

To Laugh Can Be Dangerous

Embroidery attempt

Have a great week

Friday, 20 May 2011


oh ladies - check out this blog!

It is delightful....Lisa Stubbs is a freelance illustrator with really good taste! I think you will all enjoy her work.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

stitched letters again

Some more stitching inspiration! Just love Jone's book from her last post, can't wait to get some stitching lessons from her!

Image of Daisychain ABCs crewelwork kit from Posie Rosy Little Things.


Have been sooo busy.....too busy to even blog! Busy making bunny rabbits for work....rather chuffed with the fact that I got some crochet in...still obsessed with the crochet hook....hope you are all well!

Saturday, 14 May 2011


When going through my mom's books last week, I found this little lovely - perfect for what I love to do! I am so excited to really give it some time and go through each page...but thought I'd share it with you today:

this one looks like one I designed many years ago.
it was made into stickers and rubber stamps.. it....
Hope these pages have inspired you all.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mollie Makes Magazine
Just a quick post to mention a magazine that launched here today in the UK and which is available to buy at WHSmith and Sainsburys.

(It will be available in the USA, Australia and the rest of Europe from June 9th).

Being a self confessed craft magazine junkie, I have read most of them out there and there is rather a lot of repetition and twee projects in the majority of them!
I have to say I was really impressed with Mollie Makes. Lots of lovely things to look at and useful links I'd not come across before. It also came with a sweet little felt kit. If you get chance to read it ... Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Airport Art

Walking through the Austin airport yesterday, I noticed how great the art in the cases is.
I missed taking a photo of my friend David Everett's OWL (beautifully hand-carved wooden sculpture) but thought I'd share some of the others that caught my eye.

Above and below are fabulous vessels made completely of BUTTONS!
Right up my alley, for sure!
And, here are some chairs with parts and pieces added to or carved into them. I think they are pretty cool.....

In El Paso, waiting for my next flight, I took a quick shot of the carpet. I have loved this carpet since they redid the airport many years ago. What you don't see is the repeat of the lizards on each square throughout the entire hall - magnificent!!

And, in the Southwest terminal, there were paper airplanes flying around in some of the gates. This is not a very good photo, but you get the idea!

Happy travels to anyone traveling.
Sure have enjoyed the most recent posts here, ladies. What amazing creativity is swirling around!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Greetings From Aunt Becky

My brother Jakob and his son, Elias!

Have a great week!


To french knot or not?

Time to get cracking! The inchies arrived at my house last night, hand-delivered by Becky. The skating monkey looks fabulous and Oolie's heart is beautiful!

Almost finished my practice inchie, not going to let those pesky french knots get the better of me...

A big thanks to Oolie for the tips on using a knot to anchor the thread at the start and to take note of thread lengths used - I've never done embroidery before, so it was good to hear these before I started.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

NEWSFLASH! Stitching Super-Heroine in Undercover operation!

It was a grave and serious situation...

Word had got out that the inchies were soon due to leave Sweden, and were headed for Wales. An imminent sense of peril and dread began to sweep across the crafting community....

Would a crime against craft be committed?
Would the inchies project fail at such an early stage?

Would able to save the project?!?! But who?!?!

The crafting community called...and our Super Stiching-heroine answered!
Catching the first train she could, she headed into deepest, darkest North Wales....

Hours of hard tutoring began.....Would Clare ever learn to thread a needle?!!
Alcohol was consumed...Reference books were consulted...but try in vain it seemed....
Miss Arkell had met her match!!

Friday, 6 May 2011

This is my End of Year Exhibition Piece completed today!!! I moved on from my original 'jigsaw' picture and made this 'textile'. It's at least 18,000+ pieces of jigsaw, each pushed into the holes in nylon action mesh. They just stay there and create this huge textile sculpture which I can move around into different shapes.

Needless to say my fingerprints are now different from the callouses, and I have a huge 'broken' pieces pile. In all it took about 100 hours, and due to RSI issues I restricted myself to 3 hours a day - guess I probably spend that much time watching TV though - so not too arduous.... Hope you like it. (It's about 3m x 45cm in size when flat).

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A New Member Of The Inch Project...

The lovely Oolie heart!

The Skating Monkey wanted to join!

Next person on "the inch list" is Sam.
I know she has something beautiful going on!

Love to all of you