Thursday, 30 September 2010

Look!!! Sue is blogging!!!!!

ok...need a little practice....this was supposed to be under what i just wrote!...anyway i have this as one of my pictures i look at as a slide show on my screen saver....i just realized it's sideways!!!
Well Hello Girls!!!!! Here's Lily and I at one of the many weddings this summer after our amazing adventure!!!! I miss you all and Jone keeps me posted on everything....
Lily got an apartment in Cambridge and is loving school....I am doing two jobs and haven't picked up a needle.....not even to fix a hole. But.....i am getting ready. Fall is coming and i look forward to getting cozy and making something!!!....anything!

This is my first entry...laugh a you want...i will get better!.

Monday, 27 September 2010

stamped cards

Okay, Danielle and Taylor - here is the frst group of stamped cards.
I tied them up in pkgs of 6 with thin natural cord - love it!
Of course, I have my favorites, but generally I like all the designs.
No idea how they will "go over" in the world, but I am happy to be getting something finished!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

yummy raspberry

First, the literal "RASPBERRIES" - from the garden and soooooo deliciously sweet ....
And, then, the color "raspberry" in the card that came from Becky on Friday.
She returned the little Bug Charms that I lent to her for photos and sent this sweet card to me, as well. Isn't it cute?
Thanks, dear Becky!

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Isn't this the cutest little place to have a bite?
When I was in Austin, my mom took me by this place to show me how cute it is.
We did not stop to eat, but I had to get out and take these photos.

Chairs set out under the trees and all the cooking done in the Airstream.

Here's the menu .........yummmmmm......

This is a better view of the trailer - I just love it!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

such a beauty....

I picked up a parcel this afternoon at the Post Office.
When I opened it, it took my breath away.........

I think I am in love..........


Saturday, 18 September 2010


Here is the snail on Danielle's front stoop in June.....
Here is the Snail Stamp in honor of the snail on Danielle's front stoop!
Danielle, you laughed at having had to step over Sue and me to get to work! So hilarious!
We were crouched on hands and knees to photograph the little guy....ha! (nuts...)
I like the stamp, is one of my favorites now.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


When I found my little Quilting Beasts the other day
I also found the stamps I carved about 100 years ago
to make those tiny quilts.

Here is a photo of a choice few of them:
and all the rest of them in the box!
This is a really great nest.
It is the larger one on the print below.
I think that it is incredible that they still print after sitting in that box for over 15 years!
The print is still pretty clear, too, isn't it? (my photo isn't though)

Monday, 13 September 2010

More Teeny Tiny Treasures

Started cleaning (!) out my studio today - inspired FIRST by being at my mom's and seeing ALL THE STUFF and realizing that I, too, had way more than I need in my life....
...and SECOND by my friend David, who said that he cleaned up his studio a year ago and felt like a huge weight had been lifted. He really encouraged me to get to it.

As I methodically began to go through papers and throw out papers (sigh) my eyes wandered to a small glass and tin cabinet that I have not paid much attention to in the past several years (maybe I need to move it to a different location) I came across these little crocheted miracles (no kidding!) Remember the little yellow "bunny bear" that I posted last week? Well, these are from the same woman and I had totally forgotten that I had bought these at the same time.

I am in love with them..........

Here they are! "Kitty". "Red Riding Hood" . and "Halloween BeeBear"!
Can you believe it?

Little Red Riding Hood

Halloween Bee Bear

teeny tiny kitty cat

Ain't she sweet?
love the little yellow stripes on her legs

I am in total awe of the woman who made these, once upon a time.
I wish you could see how itty bitty they really are.....gosh.....

Any luck on your little mouse, Danielle?

Friday, 10 September 2010

Daddy's Books

Just found some books of my daddy's on the shelf.....
I think that they are so beautiful.... and now that I have Swedish friends, it is that much sweeter. They will be coming back with me to Santa Fe on Sunday....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

TWEET-ing (like a bird...!)

Hi all. Have a look at a project I am doing here in Australia, across many small communities. See the blog about it at: - I would love it if you could download the instructions and pattern and send me a bird; then our little project would truly be international...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Teeny Tiny Yellow Bear

Was just talking with Danielle about crochet....which, of course, I do NOT do.
But SHE does....and she was talking about making "more flowers".....!!!
I suggested that she do something a little different ..... and then I took a photo ......

This little bear is the teeniest thing ever! I have been amazed by it for many, MANY (20?) years. It "lives" in my type drawer, happily hanging out with other tiny things.

You can see here how little it really is (!)
The amazing thing is that the limbs articulate and the little "ears" pull down the back to expose the bear's own, brown head.

So, Danielle, show us what you can do, my friend! I have high hopes for extraordinary things!!!

end of summer blues

Hello pantryviolets,
missing those heady summer evenings stitching and gassing with you all as the leaves start to turn brown....still dipping into the haberdashery stash that I have not had the heart to put away yet...made another bracelet that reminded me of those jumbles of scraps on our tables..I even used that exquisite fabric that you gave me Oolie...Francesca actually gasped when she saw me unpicking it ( I think she is probably a trainee pantry Violet!!??)
Jone and I were discussing a recipe swap, would you all like to post your favorite recipes on the blog next week? The weather has turned cooler here in the UK and thoughts of glorious food are returning as the days get shorter!
If there are no objections Jone and I shall start, I don't think that it matters about the measurements etc, but we probably need photographic evidence!!