Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Teeny Tiny Yellow Bear

Was just talking with Danielle about crochet....which, of course, I do NOT do.
But SHE does....and she was talking about making "more flowers".....!!!
I suggested that she do something a little different ..... and then I took a photo ......

This little bear is the teeniest thing ever! I have been amazed by it for many, MANY (20?) years. It "lives" in my type drawer, happily hanging out with other tiny things.

You can see here how little it really is (!)
The amazing thing is that the limbs articulate and the little "ears" pull down the back to expose the bear's own, brown head.

So, Danielle, show us what you can do, my friend! I have high hopes for extraordinary things!!!


  1. hey jone! what a tiny treasure you have here!!! i think i couldnt manage such a small scale but whoever made it is very adept with the tiny hook and thread!

  2. This is so sweet! I love tiny treasures and have many to inspire me in my studio! Smiling!! Thanks.