Monday, 28 May 2012

NURTURED BY VIV - The Hens Teeth Workshop

In March, I braved a workshop!  I was understandably reticent to go to a workshop after recent events, however, the prospect of a Hens Teeth Workshop at Weston Hall, only an hour and a half from home was
too tempting to resist.  I'm not good at resisting temptation at the best of times!

The Haberdashery Brooch workshop was a rare chance to spend the day sewing with wonderful women all guided by the lovely Viv who's work I so admire ....................

It was Viv's first workshop - though you would never have known!  We set off making our own little treasures using fabric, paper, words - Viv brought her manual typewriter which was a roaring success and no doubt they are booming in price on EBAY as I write!

Here is our group work

It never ceases to amaze me how rich and varied the results are when creative women sit down and stitch together!  All so different, all so lovely.   Here are my brooches (which needless to say still require brooch backs) ..........
The first was a collage of bits of stuff with part of an italian bank note and a smidgen of gingham 
- sort of pansy-shaped .......
My next one incorporated a piece of wool with a little house embroidered on it - it came in a sewing box I bought ages ago.  Im touched by what people save in their workboxes I find them very poignant.  I imagine it was once part of a childs coat or something.  So I incorporated the word 'saved' and a little red cross suggested by Viv which together with some old lace french knotted to cloth (Get me, now I can do french knots everything has to have one!) and a button and Voila! ......................
Next, in my usual last half hour spurt - desperate to create another brooch, I pieced together bits of paper, clips, an old press stud with a bit of label still attached and a bit more gingham to make this truly haberdashery brooch .....................
It was my favourite and I was thrilled beyond measure when Viv said it 'made her heart sing' - isnt that a lovely complement! 
I'd urge anyone who can make it to Weston Hall to join one of Viv's workshops to do so - its a great day out, a lovely venue ............... and there's cake!
The whole day was delightful - a little oasis of calm and creativity amidst the chaos of life.  I enjoyed it so much I booked onto the next one and pursued on of the themes above - can you guess which one?

On another note, I have just posted my West Dean makes on please have a look and let me know what you think.  Hopefully, I will post the makes from Vivs second workshop on tinkering next week! 
Love to All - sorry for the long absence.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Clementine's Krafty Kitchenette

I just LOVED this fun tutorial from a new online business, The Mercerie set up by a friend Sue Maton - her products are great too - she's adding more regularly. Pretty sure you'll all love it too.  Sue also does heaps of classes in Norwich - including at Arts Desire, a wonderful wee shop full of fab things.  

Norwich is getting to be a very crafty place, as we also have the Make Place - which has over 30 classes! 

If any of you would like a visit - I am very happy to be the hostess with the mostess - I have a spare double room and am within walking distance of EVERYWHERE, including the Railway Station.  Norwich is a beautiful City with lots of gorgeous shopping and second hand/vintage shops at very good prices. Tempted????

XXXX to you all.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

my Tea Towel quilt

hi everyone, a year or so ago I did a collaborative project for an exhibition which turned out to be my first ever quilt and made of vintage tea towels.  I have a big obsession with tea towels and have a pretty grand collection. I showed a picture of it to Sam via email once and she encouraged me to put it on the pantry blog.  I have just blogged about it on my own blog so I've put the link here if you want more info that goes with the picture below.  I had a nice time doing this project and I LOVE the result. I make a lot of things out of tea towels and have a residency/installation coming up in August in an old heritage building here in my home town so I'll post about that too when it happens.
cheers everyone. Jo

Friday, 4 May 2012

Arty Stuff!

Not exactly a Pantry Violets kind of thing - but I thought you might like to see some work I did recently whilst in New Zealand attending my father's funeral.  Three of my classmates sent me instructions of things to do while there, and I have made three VERY short (arty) videos which recorded their ideas.  

So if you have five minutes check them out at:

The favourite so far is... "Seasoning".
XXX to you all.