Wednesday, 29 May 2013

petite violette

Hello dear Pantry Violets!

Just a few recent pics from Petite Violette! Not much making going on I have to say - so funny that before we opened I imagined lovely hours whiled away in the shop stitching handmade bits and bobs to sell! There's always something to do, a little corner to re-arrange, customers to chat with, products to photograph, website to update...

I do have a little creative outlet once or twice a month at our Petite Violette stitching nights, inspired by Les Soeurs Anglaises and all of you lovely ladies. The time I've spent stitching and chatting at Briançon was so wonderful that I wanted to re-create at least a tiny fraction of that magic at Petite Violette. The stitching nights are so much fun and incredibly inspiring and it's just so fantastic to find so many friendly, warm, creative, like-minded souls to join us. Wish you could all come along!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Degree Show Exhibition

Hi everyone,
I realise this isn't quite a Pantryviolets kind of thing... but it is my end of Degree show pieces.  I've absolutely loved doing my BA in Fine Arts and learnt so much.  It is made from 100s of plastic fingernail polish sample rods woven together with hair and braid.  There is a hidden wire so can be shaped into all sorts of forms.  It references nature, abjection and bodily commodification (phew!).  
If you like, check out my website at  
(Am now thinking an MA for next year).  
Love to you all and happy times for those going to France this summer.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fabric Squares

Here are four of the designs that are part of my latest collection of fabric:

 "KNOWLEDGE & fantasy"

There are more HERE if you would like to see them.
There are also 8 BOY designs that I will post soon.