Thursday, 30 December 2010

a little "play"

I spent some of this afternoon cutting words from a couple of paperback books -
old ones that I picked up for 50 cents, or something.

I like how they look, cut out and tossed together in a small box... just waiting to be part of something "inspired"..... works for me....

These two little collages are under glass and did not photograph very well at all.
Still, I do like what they look like, for the most part, and hope to be able to continue in this vein to find some "new," fun and interesting things to experiment with.

I hope that 2011 affords us all the luxury to seek out creative outlets that keep us excited and lead us to new outlets for expression.
I feel so lucky that we have all found one another and have remained part of our shared creative processes. I hope to see you all again sometime soon......

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I can't stop
It is totally an obsession
I have now carved an entire alphabet.....whew...

I honestly don't know why I do it...continue to do it.
It is just something that I can do and finish and make a print - ta da!
Do you see the chicken stuck in there between the "D" and "E" stamps?
Guess you'll need an enlargement to really see it....
(the stamps are on the bottom - the prints on the top)

OKay....time for bed....yawn.....

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Holiday Hellos

Hope everyone is still full of holiday cheer. Wanted to wish you all a great 2011 full of arts, travel and good food. Miss you all.

Thursday, 23 December 2010


As I was walking around the living room this morning, I noticed a few angels that I love and decided to share with you....

Several years ago, I painted this little wooden angel. I had hoped to do a few of them for friends, but as seems to be my norm, I did just one other for my friend, Cheryl, and that was it. I still have the blank wooden ones, so maybe one day I will pick them up again...
(see the "Vintage by Crystal" Snow Bunny? cute!)

Hiding in the bottom of the earlier photo is this little Angel Jewel Box that I designed for Dept 56 years ago. There were two (the one below, too) and I forgot how pretty they are. They are just about inches tall and open up to reveal a secret place....

This little lovely was found at Hidden Treasures, a place here in Santa Fe that has some very delicious treasures - one's trash is another's treasure - no kidding! Could you have passed her up?

Last, but certainly not least, is one of the GLORIOUS angels from Danielle. Unfortunately, she had a small accident on her way across the pond (broken foot) which I mended with some cardboard and gold paint. Now, when she isn't flying around spreading joy, she can dance around in her new dancing slippers. I also sprinkled a little glitter on her wings to help her to feel better.....

Happy Holidays dear Pantry Violets!
I love you all and wish you the Happiest Christmas and All the Best in the New Year!

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Apologies for the delay in blogging on my trip to see Kate and Jamie in Boston!
I had the best time! Kate met me at the airport and took me to dinner with her family and then on to Jamie's where I stayed. The next day was very special - organised to coincide with my stay - I was guest of honour at Jamie's book signing in Weston!

Dragon Books in Weston was the venue - a lovely shop :

As we all know a famous author, our very own Jamie, I thought i'd share her book signing which was organised for the Saturday I was in Boston!

Here she is with friends, family and fans!

and there on the far left is our Kate! Three pantry violets in the one spot! The signing went really well and drew a good crowd as you can see:

and here is Jamie's lovely book - her first foray into mixed media in her illustration! Isnt it fabulous !

I'm sure you all remember Jamies printed figures - she worked on them at LSA and finished hem on her return home. The finished figures can be seen on Jamie's blog: jamieharperstudioblog - sorry i dont know how to add a link!

Thanks to Jamie and Kate my first day in Boston was fantastic and I have a signed book for my great niece Iris (only 1) but she needs to get a move on and learn to read before she can fully enjoy it - im sure her mummy will read it to her in the meantime!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas - and will see you later in the New Year!!! Yahoo. I adore seeing your inspirational pictures and posts, even though I've been relatively quiet myself - have been busy though - check out if you're interested in one little project I've completed. Very Best wishes - Jodie

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Here are some things I'm making at the moment in time for Christmas. Most of them have a distinctly Australian feel as they are made of vintage Australian tea-towels.
If you'd like to see more I have a few in my ETSY shop at:

Monday, 13 December 2010


hello to all of you!
yesterday, I was at my friend Beth's house for our
"annual holiday tea and crafts"
I won't share the craft that we did 'cause no one quite finished...
BUT, I did take some photos of Beth's incredible collections and
want to share them with you......

these two angels are precious
made of wool and felt and a touch of embroidery,
they touch your heart
I just found out that the grocery here has these bags filled with flour!
can't wait to go get some!!!

totally cracked up when I saw these
don't they make you smile?

beautiful heart - wax mold

a sweet, cheerful clock face

this collection of eggs takes my breath away

this little soldier was new to Beth and we all fell in love
we are going to try to "re-produce" him next time

last, but not least,
this little rack for test tubes filled with
tiny carved hands and other tiny figures
love how it is set against the lace curtain.....don't you?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

December Violets

So sorry about the delay, sisters .....
Here are the December Birthday Girls!

On December 11 (that is this Saturday!) Carol has a birthday. Hope that it is a wonderful one for you, Carol. We wish we were there to help blow out "all those candles" (tee hee)

And, as luck would have it, our other two birthday girls were found in the same photo right next to one another !!! Our dear Julie Australia (xo) will celebrate on the 18th and Miss Kate gets a party right after Christmas on the 29th. That explains a lot about your jolly nature, my friend!

We hope you all have terrific days and get to have a little fun, too.
Happy HAPPY Birthday to ALL Three of YOU!!!!!!!