Tuesday, 7 December 2010

December Violets

So sorry about the delay, sisters .....
Here are the December Birthday Girls!

On December 11 (that is this Saturday!) Carol has a birthday. Hope that it is a wonderful one for you, Carol. We wish we were there to help blow out "all those candles" (tee hee)

And, as luck would have it, our other two birthday girls were found in the same photo right next to one another !!! Our dear Julie Australia (xo) will celebrate on the 18th and Miss Kate gets a party right after Christmas on the 29th. That explains a lot about your jolly nature, my friend!

We hope you all have terrific days and get to have a little fun, too.
Happy HAPPY Birthday to ALL Three of YOU!!!!!!!

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  1. Lord love 'em all! So many winter birthdays!