Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I can't stop
It is totally an obsession
I have now carved an entire alphabet.....whew...

I honestly don't know why I do it...continue to do it.
It is just something that I can do and finish and make a print - ta da!
Do you see the chicken stuck in there between the "D" and "E" stamps?
Guess you'll need an enlargement to really see it....
(the stamps are on the bottom - the prints on the top)

OKay....time for bed....yawn.....


  1. Hey Jone! Glad to see u r really into the stamps - I love your letters - the variation is great - the chicken is fabulous - real animation. Your talents are endless! I'd buy a set of letters - will u list them! More chickens too please. What about paper mache chickens out of stamped paper - mini birds??

  2. oh my GOSh Jone--- those are fanTAstic!! endless talent. i'd buy a set of those...what are they, $25 a letter? :o) xoxo!