Thursday, 16 December 2010

Here are some things I'm making at the moment in time for Christmas. Most of them have a distinctly Australian feel as they are made of vintage Australian tea-towels.
If you'd like to see more I have a few in my ETSY shop at:


  1. I have never been in Australia, but they sure look very Australian to me:)
    Beautiful Jo!
    How are You ???

  2. Thanks Becky, lovely to hear from you and lovely comment. I'm great - looking forward to Christmas. Hope its not too cold over there..? have a good one!
    Jo x

    PS: love your photos on Sam's blog.

  3. fantastic upcycling her Jo - lovely colours am sure they will go well on etsy! Hope you have a great Christmas. Sorry not to have sent more birds - have been busy making for Christmas but do let me know if you need overseas entries for another project in the new year!

  4. I tired days ago to comment on this post and it would not work. I am crossing my fingers today....

    Jo! I think your hangings are delightful! Good for you and your creative spirit! GREAT colors.......
    Sure would like to sit with you for a chat sometime. I find that winter is the time I miss everyone the most....longing for that beautiful place we call Briancon.....Will you return? I won't be there this summer, but who knows? Things change so quickly - just like Alice in Wonderland.

    Love to you and Happy Christmas!

  5. Thanks Jone, Merry Christmas! Have a great New Year.