Monday, 13 December 2010


hello to all of you!
yesterday, I was at my friend Beth's house for our
"annual holiday tea and crafts"
I won't share the craft that we did 'cause no one quite finished...
BUT, I did take some photos of Beth's incredible collections and
want to share them with you......

these two angels are precious
made of wool and felt and a touch of embroidery,
they touch your heart
I just found out that the grocery here has these bags filled with flour!
can't wait to go get some!!!

totally cracked up when I saw these
don't they make you smile?

beautiful heart - wax mold

a sweet, cheerful clock face

this collection of eggs takes my breath away

this little soldier was new to Beth and we all fell in love
we are going to try to "re-produce" him next time

last, but not least,
this little rack for test tubes filled with
tiny carved hands and other tiny figures
love how it is set against the lace curtain.....don't you?


  1. I really think that I would have stolen that hand away!
    and only in america would you get printed bags like that with flour?
    I want it all and I miss you all pantry violets...I know that if I could get one hour sitting with you all at Briancon I might be able to get through the festive nightmare wit a smile on my face!!!

  2. Can i take the little soldier home! What a lovely assortment of stuff - i love silhouette againgst the window too