Thursday, 30 July 2009

Testing, testing....

think I might have been a teeny bit before you can walk, gently does it etc. Far, far too much rain here for my dollies to go on location, and there has been a major event here in my absence (see photo) Still haven't filled in my feedback questionnaire. Hope you can see the video and it doesn't close down the entire blog. Still, it's worth a try. Thanks for the "about", Jone - I like it. Got to go , my husband has gone a.w.o.l. Hi and goodbye for now everyone. Jo

Vintage pictures from France

Lovely pictures found in brocantes.  I am still wondering why the lady is carrying buckets filled with babies?  she seems to be very happy

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

julie arkell workshop july 2009

Some more photos from our week with Julie!

Images by Sam.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wow, I have never done a group blog before. It is indeed cool. You all know where this was taken, n'est pas? We could have to write all of our blog in french to practice. Just kidding... Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks Sam for setting it up. Any banner you decide on will be great.

A Smile Flower.

Hello, Lovelies! 
Here is the Julie Arkell piece that I am lucky
enough to be wearing this very day. Makes corporate
America just that much more colorful indeedy.
I was told I looked like a California artist.
(good thing, that, I sort of am!)
Cheers All.... Margo

we are up and running!

And to kick start the posts, a picture of the wonderful Julie Arkell at Briançon with some of our flowers in the background...

Can't wait to see some more posts from my fellow Pantry Violets!

Photo by Sam.