Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Hello All!

What a fine Saturday Danielle and I had soldering on her kitchen table!

Here are Danielle's first little pieces:

Once Danielle had mastered the basics we moved right along to dobbers which are technically more challenging being circular! Here are the results:

A little Becassine and a family photo combination :

and then a celebration of brides from Danielle's family photo collection:

Finally, we had a joint effort for Danielle's lovely daughter Francesca - made from a fabulous biscuit wrapper from Florence which Danielle had stashed away - too beautiful to stay in a box - I prepared a large and a small dobber to frame the best bits and Danielle soldered it - how fab is that!

After soldering our socks off Saturday, Sunday was the time for a bit of R&R. Danielle took me to Petersham Nurseries where they have lovely plant and lots of designerly gifty stuff which is a joy to behold:

As well as lovely, lovely flowers and some ornamental cabbages - Danielle has some of each in her garden!

After an excellent Sunday Lunch with the family it was time to pack up my car and head home again. Next time we are going on a shopping trip round London so there will be no holding us back from bagging a bargain! Thanks to Danielle, Nick, Francesca, Christian and Finlay for a fabulous weekend!

Monday, 25 October 2010


I stitched up these mittens last week to send to a friend as trade for some yummy fabric she sent to me......cute, but they didn't really do it for me.

Last night, I sat down and stitched these up - LOVE them!
What do you think? I guess I could add some little knots to the first ones, too.....

Another day - chilly and windy today - brrrrrrr! I will have to put on a little more clothing!
Wish I had some cute little toadstool mittens to slip on.....
Have happy (cozy) day today!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Friday, 22 October 2010

Oolie's Visit

Oolie has to leave tomorrow, but we have had a great time.
Here are a few photos of the week she has been here.

Last Saturday, we were at the Farmer's Market and everything was beautiful!

Check out the PINK corn!

Oolie got a shot of me behind the marigolds, too.

We thought this sign was hilarious!
"Red Wigglers"

Oolie arrived to a birthday package from Sue.
what a fab leather bracelet!
She has worn it every day....

Here is one of the tapestries we saw at Los Poblanos
Oolie and I went down to see my friend, Penny
She gave us the "Grand Tour"...wow .......

There is a story about these rocks above.
Apparently "he" came with one cow and "she" with another
They made a great pair and did a mosaic to tell the story.

Here is the pool that looked so refreshing....sigh.....
It was such a beautiful day - warm and sunny

halibut, gorgeous tomatoes, cucumbers
Oolie and Penny had eggplant (aubergine)
I didn't - I'm allergic
All in All - fantastic lunch!!!

"Girard" bicycles
I adore the top (white) one
I can see Becky riding to the cottage on the red one - can't you?

Tapestry in the bathroom...
and below - the bathroom (tapestry in the mirror!)

Oolie and Flat Oolie as we are leaving Los Poblanos
It was wonderful...
Can't wait til you can all come for a visit

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Scene from NYC

Hello friends,
Here is my newest journal page from NYC trip. We had a great time shopping and walking. Purl Soho is a must go for all of you although somewhat pricey. I made the mistake of asking for some yardage without checking the price. At least I checked the price before I actually bought the softest skien of cashmere yarn. It was love at first sight (and great colors). Love the stuff I'm seeing on this blog. Everyone is so talented.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


.....just a couple of hearts in felt
- white and off-white -

and one more...

they still need to be filled with lavender,
but I like the way they are looking..


Here we have an example of the Lesser Spotted Tattered!

This rare bird is about to migrate to Australia to join Jo's project and will eventually nestle in a tree top far away!

I didn't pink the edges of the fabric feathers so its fraying gently, the thread plume is also rather haphazard and the red eyes give it a slightly alarming look!

Made from part of a pillowcase from Katie's pile at LSA and bits of my French General stash - odd bits of crochet silk and cotton and the mad red eyes are vintage diamonte in a metal fitting the name of which escapes me!

Hope you like it Jo! It will be winging its way (well via airmail!) to Aus today! If I get chance I'll make another and send before your deadline of December.

Love to All



Monday, 11 October 2010

Toadstool Shelf

In honor of the little toadstools that Oolie sent me, I put together a little shelf of the "red & whites" that I had close by.......cute, hunh?
Can't wait for you to come, Oolie.... hope you are feeling a lot better very soon!


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Oolie's Toadstools

A package arrived....
Isn't this the sweetest little "Tuft of Toadstools" you ever saw?
From the heart and hands of our Oolie..... and experiment....

Nice to be the "guinea pig" for someone's creative whims.
Thanks Oolie....... xo

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

scanner art

Have n't posted anything for a while and as there seems to be a flurry of pantry violets activity, I thought I would share with you what I was doing, which is anything to avoid doing the day job.....The latest spoonflower topic is scanned natural objects and I found this incredible artist Yedda Morrisson found on Design Squish blog, scanning plastic flowers into their scanner and creating these stunning images....my version with my garden produce is the one at the bottom- it would make wonderful fabric, especially as spoonflower are now printing on silk.....

Monday, 4 October 2010

BiRthdAy gIRLS

Here they are - the Bevy of Beauties born in October!

On October the 9th, we have Becky, whose smile lights up a room. She spreads joy, quietly, as she moves around through the world... Happy Birthday, Becky.

Oolie!!! Your birthday is on the 12th!!! Remember this photo? Taken in Santa Fe last October (!) when you and Sue were here. What a time we had....and you are coming again - YIPPEE!!!!!

And Danielle - isn't this a great photo of you?! Happy, HAPPY Birthday to you on the 28th, dear friend and soulmate! I think it's gonna be a fantastic year for you in Soooooo many ways!

All the best to the three of you! CeLeBrAtE!!!!!!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Shrimp Curry

Tonight, my husband, Cullen, fixed a wonderful shrimp curry - YUM!!!
Above is the shrimp that I peeled.......and below:
..the finished curry in the wok - ready to eat - DELICIOUS!

Lino Prints

Can't personally compete with the talents of you ladies, but thought you might like to see a sample of the lino-prints that a dear (and hugely talented) friend of mine down here, Emma Whigam, has done for the re-vamped Les Soeurs Anglaises' brochure and website - both of which should be printed/functioning within the next couple of weeks.

Would love your feed back, and if any of you would like a copy of the finished brochure - prototype below - let me know (and remind me of your address) and I will happily send one by snail mail.

Saturday, 2 October 2010