Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Dear Clare.....

I do not know that I have your correct email, so I am writing to you on the blog.....
Could you please bring the inchies to Briancon so that Miss Arkell can do her inches? Do not worry if you have not finished your inchies yet - you can do so there. Julie thought it would be really nice to get hers done while in France and then pass them to Jodie, perhaps.
Would that work for you?
And, by the way....is the "eclare" email the right one?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Just wondering whether I have fallen off your list Jone- What are the Inchies?

I dont post because althoug I managed it once, I cant now work out how to attach pictures

Sorry to have been silent

Thursday, 25 August 2011

AWOL inchies!

Hello Violets! I must apologize as it is 'summer silly season' and I haven't had much chance to be blogging or on the internet, as life is at it's busiest for me!

Another violet alerted me to your post Jone, so I thought I better put your mind at ease that the inches are still with me (in my safe, but not so competent hands!) I was going to post a picture just before posting, but I will do so now.
The inchies arrived last month from the lovely Sam in Sweden and I am slowly working my way through them.

Albeit not a complicated inchie, I am just a little pressed for time at the moment but will send them on their way very shortly.
I asked the lovely Laura Walker (whom I noticed got a mention in Mollie Makes Magazine this month) to make me some rather lovely red flower buttons and hopefully they will enhance the inches where my talent is lacking!

When the inchies arrived, they did so in a rather beautiful bag which I thought I would include a
picture of...I think Jone must have stitched this? It's gorgeous! I was so impressed with everyone's inchies! its going to look great when it's finished.
I hope you are all having a lovely summer and I am looking forward to catching up with some of you in France...not long now!
Happy stitching x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

inchie alert!!

We are wondering WHERE on EARTH the inchies are?
"Inchies, inchies, who's got the inchies?"

Once upon a time, Oolie sent 17 inchies to Sweden.
We saw a photo of what was sent.
Becky received them and added her "two cents" as well as
a photo of her contribution.
Sam, too, showed us her magnificent addition ...
...and sent them on.....

Clare? Are you there?
Please make a noise and let us know
How You Are....
(and where the inchies are)

Oolie and I are together in Santa Fe.
We have spent the last two days creating stuff.
We are tired.
We have people asking us daily
"What is an Inchie?"
"What is this project you are talking about?"
"Can you show me a picture?"

We don't have one....

The inchies are our connection to all of you
and we miss you ALL!
Where are they?

(we just wanna know )
really, we do....

"...please POST a photo of your cReAtiTiViTy
once you're done so that those down the line
can plan ahead and try to avoid repetition.
It is a simple process and can be done
in an email"

It will be so helpful for those down the line so they can plan
for when they might receive the package.
Thanks a lot.....and please do not
feel pressure to move any faster.
It is more about keeping the contact so
we all know what and where.


Friday, 19 August 2011

russian dolls from Spain!

Hellooo dear Pantry Violets!
So long since I posted here that I thought I would show you what I spent my very hot summer holidays doing.....mad collaged russian dolls! some of which look very confused about thier head gear! We were knee deep in newspaper and mountains of ephemera and while everyone was topping up their tans I was tearing, cutting and gluing these dollies.
Hope that you are all having a wonderful summer, wherever you all are....miss you all and am feeling sooo sad about not going to France this September!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011



Have just returned from the fabulous LSA Rachel Hazell workshop where we made a personal A-Z. What a fabulous five days it was! Rachel is a great communicator and a hell of a woman - her enthusiasm and humour is contagious - she is truly ebullient as well as being hugely talented. I will post pics of some of the changes they have made at LSA which is yet more fabulous - but not too many - I dont want to spoil the surprise for Becky and Sam!

It was a special joy to meet Jo - who was with you all 2 years ago - it made me feel right at home to have another Pantry Violet and such a lovely one for company. Jo sends her love to you all! We had 13 women plus Rachel and the spirit of support and encouragement started immediately, in the entire time I didnt hear a negative comment from anyone - how remarkable is that!

Here are some pictures of my book ......

The front cover - made from last year's calendar page - showing the kettle stitch binding:

The back cover showing my dobber bookmark!

And one of A is for Art, which features one of my all time favourite quotes - from Picasso as well as showing of my index. When Rachel showed us a lovely book with tabs and gilding I remembered how much I like an index so that was my first job - it took me half a day but I love the result:
Then a couple of my favourite pages - I was determined to incorporate watercolours (which I love but do badly) they are done on vintage papers which really add something I think. I love a painted shutter too - so V is for view features a shutter and L is for Landscape has a little pull out which I am mightily pleased with - the L swivels away to allow the painting to extend - howszat!!

And finally, just so you know I didn't forget you all! Guess what P is for ????????????

~ the petals are articulated - get me!!

I didn't completely finish my book, but Im looking forward to adding things as I think of them and I'm really happy with the results so far - Taylor I'm loving this idea for a journal - lots of pictures and stamping - what do you think??

Love to All


Monday, 8 August 2011

A Fairy Doll

Can you see her wings?
I was given the assignment to come up with different things to make from the "Believe" collection of fabric..... and so I sat down to make this little Fairy.
back view
sitting on a spool of thread
I think that one of my favorite parts is that she has recycled wings! I cut them from a strawberry container and I think that they are just perfect for her. It is a bit difficult to see them in these photos, but trust me - they are definitely there!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. Sorry I have been remiss in keeping up with birthdays. This month of August is:
Margo Tantau TODAY! (the 8th)
Josephine Harrison on the 11th

and Francesca, Danielle's daughter was on the 1st.