Thursday, 25 August 2011

AWOL inchies!

Hello Violets! I must apologize as it is 'summer silly season' and I haven't had much chance to be blogging or on the internet, as life is at it's busiest for me!

Another violet alerted me to your post Jone, so I thought I better put your mind at ease that the inches are still with me (in my safe, but not so competent hands!) I was going to post a picture just before posting, but I will do so now.
The inchies arrived last month from the lovely Sam in Sweden and I am slowly working my way through them.

Albeit not a complicated inchie, I am just a little pressed for time at the moment but will send them on their way very shortly.
I asked the lovely Laura Walker (whom I noticed got a mention in Mollie Makes Magazine this month) to make me some rather lovely red flower buttons and hopefully they will enhance the inches where my talent is lacking!

When the inchies arrived, they did so in a rather beautiful bag which I thought I would include a
picture of...I think Jone must have stitched this? It's gorgeous! I was so impressed with everyone's inchies! its going to look great when it's finished.
I hope you are all having a lovely summer and I am looking forward to catching up with some of you in France...not long now!
Happy stitching x


  1. Clare, it's so lovely! I love the combination of the turquoise and the red!!! I have been so excited waiting to see the "next installment" and it's been worth the wait :) Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Hugs, Sam

  2. Dear Clare-
    I was lucky enough to be looking over lone's shoulder in Santa Fe when she put this "make an inchie noise" on the blog........thank you so very much for responding and posting a lovely photo including your darling contribution to the effort! I often drive the 4 1/2 hours to New Mexico to participate in her workshops at Los Poblanos and then stay at her lovely home to do some creative projects that I can not seem to get to at home......sound familiar? Hopefully I will be in the Paris Montparnasse train station on the 14th of Sept. with Becky and Sam....and we will be looking very carefully for your beautiful bright pink polka dot suitcase with your arm attached!!!!! Do let me know if you are changing suitcases!!!!!!! LOVE- Julie Hesse

  3. Well done Clare! I think its a lovely inchie - the colours are gorgeous and a specially commissioned button too! I think im next so I can hardly wait to clap eyes on the inchies - im hoping my sewing is up to the challenge but become increasingly sure it is not! Danielle can I pinch your brown button idea - im now desperate! xxdi

  4. Lovely Clare, just like you!!!!
    Look forward to meet you soon!!!

  5. Oh Clare!!!!
    I am so happy that you took a minute to post a photo of your lovely inchie!!! ..... wow ......... I expected you would do something unique and delightful to make us all smile - AND YOU DID NOT disappoint!

    I so wish I was headed to France with the rest of you....sigh.....
    Maybe you should take them with you, as Miss Arkell, Jodie and Katie and Carol will all be there, too.
    No, maybe not such a good idea. They will all have to wait their turn like the rest of us!

    I think of you so often, dear Clare. Thanks for setting my heart (and curiosity) to rest....
    Love - LOTS of it - to you, dear Clare...