Friday, 19 August 2011

russian dolls from Spain!

Hellooo dear Pantry Violets!
So long since I posted here that I thought I would show you what I spent my very hot summer holidays doing.....mad collaged russian dolls! some of which look very confused about thier head gear! We were knee deep in newspaper and mountains of ephemera and while everyone was topping up their tans I was tearing, cutting and gluing these dollies.
Hope that you are all having a wonderful summer, wherever you all are....miss you all and am feeling sooo sad about not going to France this September!


  1. absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!
    They are breathtakingly wonderful and I wish I had been there with you to play on the floor in Spain...

    such a relief to see you just now...
    talk again later?

  2. danielle! hope you are well - i havent heard from you in ages!!!! im loving the russian dolls and i am determined to dig out my little dresses you made and do them whilst tinkering by the sea this weekend. lots of love