Monday, 8 August 2011

A Fairy Doll

Can you see her wings?
I was given the assignment to come up with different things to make from the "Believe" collection of fabric..... and so I sat down to make this little Fairy.
back view
sitting on a spool of thread
I think that one of my favorite parts is that she has recycled wings! I cut them from a strawberry container and I think that they are just perfect for her. It is a bit difficult to see them in these photos, but trust me - they are definitely there!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. Sorry I have been remiss in keeping up with birthdays. This month of August is:
Margo Tantau TODAY! (the 8th)
Josephine Harrison on the 11th

and Francesca, Danielle's daughter was on the 1st.

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