Sunday, 21 August 2011

inchie alert!!

We are wondering WHERE on EARTH the inchies are?
"Inchies, inchies, who's got the inchies?"

Once upon a time, Oolie sent 17 inchies to Sweden.
We saw a photo of what was sent.
Becky received them and added her "two cents" as well as
a photo of her contribution.
Sam, too, showed us her magnificent addition ...
...and sent them on.....

Clare? Are you there?
Please make a noise and let us know
How You Are....
(and where the inchies are)

Oolie and I are together in Santa Fe.
We have spent the last two days creating stuff.
We are tired.
We have people asking us daily
"What is an Inchie?"
"What is this project you are talking about?"
"Can you show me a picture?"

We don't have one....

The inchies are our connection to all of you
and we miss you ALL!
Where are they?

(we just wanna know )
really, we do....

"...please POST a photo of your cReAtiTiViTy
once you're done so that those down the line
can plan ahead and try to avoid repetition.
It is a simple process and can be done
in an email"

It will be so helpful for those down the line so they can plan
for when they might receive the package.
Thanks a lot.....and please do not
feel pressure to move any faster.
It is more about keeping the contact so
we all know what and where.


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  1. How exciting to see the inchies inching their way along... and am soooo looking forward to the workshop and seeing some Pantry Violets.