Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Left overs

Happy New Year Pantry Violets. It has been ages since I blogged, but I have been enjoying all your work. I have just finished a quilt from left over pieces from the bunting I made and was quite delighted to find a use for those Suffolk puffs. I took the quilt to a nearby church yard (1000 year old norman church) to photograph it and fell in love with the burial stones. I particularly liked Martha Palmer of 1768.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Hello violets!
You may be interested to know that I have finally started a blog

Les petites marguerites
- Voyages à travers les textiles - Travelling through textiles

which will mostly be about the textiles I admire or create myself, a bit about my travels or other discoveries I would like to share. Since I live in a multilingual environment, the texts will be written in French, followed by an English version.
I hope you will enjoy your visits to my blog

Thursday, 19 January 2012


Hello Violets!

Happy New Year!  Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.

I'm getting very excited about my first workshop of the year!  In about 10 days I'm off to West Dean to do Julie Arkell's paper mache workshop!  Yes again!

Last year you will recall, I made these figures:
I had a great deal of trouble dressing them as they all had limbs all over the shop and it was not nearly as easy as I had imagined!  I got little Iris, finished before Christmas (the little figure with her arms in the air) and have made some progress with 'Bless', the figure above in a shawl:

She still needs a bit of work but is pretty much there.  

Given my experience last year, this year I have decided to try more sculptural projects - which need no dressing!  I have a few ideas to conjure with and will post when I get back.

Very exciting too, I will be meeting Taylor! I'm so looking forward to having a Pantry Violet to work with.  I'm also looking forward to being in a workshop with Julie again, And seeing more of her lovely work - which I now truly appreciate!   

Here is her collection from last year ...............

Love to all

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Inchies" Make A Noise!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear, Dear Clare-
I am not sure how to reach you......! Hopefully you have settled into your new home and are enjoying it immensely! The last time we were in contact was before Christmas, at which point you had 5 inchies left to do and were going to try to get them off to Katie. Please let me know if that plan worked and if they are indeed in France. If not......and you still have them....let's go to "Plan B"! Let's return to the original mailing list that Jone drew up, giving the next Violet a heads up before they are sent on in case of a request to have them mailed to a work address or a change in plans due to extensive travel, etc. People are asking me what is up with this project and by communicating here on the blog we can let everyone know easily. Please respond here on the blog when you get a minute.
Di is next on the list (I think!) and may want them sent to her office. Can you two get in touch please?
If they are at Briancon, Carol can you let us know the status? That would be so helpful!
Thank you everyone involved. Jone and I are so looking forward to putting the finishing touches on them and getting a finished Inchie sent to all of you! LOVE- Oolie