Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Left overs

Happy New Year Pantry Violets. It has been ages since I blogged, but I have been enjoying all your work. I have just finished a quilt from left over pieces from the bunting I made and was quite delighted to find a use for those Suffolk puffs. I took the quilt to a nearby church yard (1000 year old norman church) to photograph it and fell in love with the burial stones. I particularly liked Martha Palmer of 1768.



  1. Joanna!!!!!
    I adore your quilt! especially those puffs in special little places.
    You are, as ever, such a brilliant artist!

    Have missed hearing from you. Hope all is well and the boys are happy.
    Good to see that you have been inspired to be creative - yay!
    Love to you. Thanks for posting...... xo

  2. Dear, Dear Joanna-
    Your quilt is just lovely....and the setting that you chose to photograph it is just AMAZING......I mean, REALLY! When I come to visit you someday, I would love to spend an afternoon just strolling thur this cemetery, reading the gravestones and enjoying the history, peace and tranquility....and then off to tea and scones with devonshire cream...loads of it!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you! LOVE- Oolie