Monday, 28 March 2011

Inchie #1

Dear Violets- Here is my "inchie"! WHEW!!!!!! I am happy to have my design worked out and
am ready to finish the other 16 or 17.........! Jone taught me every stitch on my inchie.....merci beaucoup my dear friend! My next post will be all of them finished and ready to pop in the mail for Becky and Sammy! LOVE- Oolie

Stephanie's EGGS

Yesterday, my friend Stephanie saw some eggs I had painted and asked to buy one.
She couldn't choose which one, so she ended up buying both of them!

They are pretty, aren't they?
Guess I need to just get to work and paint a bunch more - Easter is not far away!

Monday, 21 March 2011

the Parade Has Begun!

The package left for Oolie's this afternoon and should be there by Wednesday!!!!
She has been practicing, so I know that she will be diligent getting things done quickly
(right Oolie?) You know I am kidding! No pressure!
I hope that everyone will have a wonderful time with this little project we have planned.
Can NOT WAIT to see what we end up with

butter-flutter byes

I cut out quite a few butterflies the other day...
....and a few wonderful little poesies, too:
Haven't used this paper in a very long time. I designed it years ago for a wonderful company called PrintWorks. We did quite a few special things and won a few awards, too, for stickers and papers and I miss all of that creative collaboration.
BUT, that said, I feel so lucky that I have found amazing folks all around the world to continue collaborating with and having the time of my life.

Happy Birthday to my new friend, AMY, who turns 40 today!
And hope that Clare's day yesterday was fantastic, too.

HaPpY SpRiNg to EVeRyOnE!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vintage Quilt Fabric Book

I was so inspired by Sammy's recent blog photos of the talented woman who created a fabric book out of vintage quilt fabric, and then added favorite quotes to each page with "needle & thread" writing.......... that I had to purchase this very old, torn up quilt I came across today. I have been talking to Jone about doing a workshop around this idea......and there sat this amazing quilt set out in a lovely "log cabin" design....perfect for creating pages of a book! If the workshop never happens.......... guess what you all will receive for holiday gifts from me for the next year or so......?! The inchies are about to start their journey! LOVE- Oolie


Here are a couple of things I did for Christmas ..

The first is a fabric collage - for my friend Michele who wanted me to make her something for her sitting room. Some time ago, I found her the most beautiful red indian chintz wallpaper - a fortune a roll but only one or two needed! Working with her colour theme I made this collage from bits of my stuff - some of the red printed linen I bought while at Les Soeurs in July (Im having great value from that please see my blog ' I applied a piece of it to my first pocket and made a bird - still have a bijou morsel left!) some vintage trimmings from Sandie at Rag Rescue - I recommend that you check out on the internet? Sandie sells some lovely vintage trims and fabrics in tiny pieces for special projects and offers excellent service. I bought a really cheap frame, painted and antiqued it and was quite happy with my first foray into fabric collage.

The second was present for Iris, my great niece, its a beautiful watercolour by Dean Spillie that I bought when we visited their studio in July. Painted on a glorious french antique letter I think its just delightful and it will be a lovely thing for Iris in years to come. I float-mounted the painting on handmade paper and kept the frame simple to show off the artwork.

It was a joy to use some treasures on handmade gifts for friends and family. Looking through my summer finds, remembering the lovely time we all had in July.......... happily Im going back this year for the Rachel Hazell workshop - late July so Im hoping for a cool spell!

Monday, 14 March 2011

inspired cards

Check out these cards!
The one on the left is from Danielle and was inspired by the same images in Selvedge that Joanna loved, as well, and printed it out, cut it out and made a card herself! (on right)

Thanks, ladies, for the lovely cards! I have them side by side on the mantel and they make me smile!

Threads of Memory

Rummaging around various baskets of fabric I came across a piece I had squirrelled away that had belonged to my grandmother. When I was a little girl she had made the most gorgeous gown for my Sindy doll out of it. I had loved that dress, the blue and the gold use to make me so happy, knowing that Sindy would go to the ball. So I thought I want a dress out of this, but there wasn't quite enough. So I copied the design of Katie's (Armitages) apron that I had got from her (thank you) and made this bit of cloth into something that I can wear everyday and pretend that the carriage awaits. The house filled with the smell of my grandmother when making the Sindy Doll Blue Apron, it was quite strange.
Apron's are such lovely things.
Cooking in the kitchen I put on another apron, one I rarely wear and my eldest said, you always wore that apron when we made Welsh Cakes, when I was little. My grandmother made Welsh Cakes in Aprons with me. I have made Welsh Cakes in Aprons with mine.
Danielle was quite right about the "threads of feeling" exhibition it was really moving and I think somehow we violets do it everyday. We store up colours and shapes in our heads and take them with us, connecting us to the people and places we love.
So when wearing your favourite apron I suggest making Welsh Cakes:
here is the recipe: Sieve 80z of self raising flour into a bowl with 3 teaspoons of mixed spice, rub in 4oz butter until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Add 30z sugar and 30z of currants, add one beaten egg and turn into a firm dough. Place on table and press till approx. 1/4 inch thick and cut into small discs. Bake on both sides on a hot a griddle, best eaten warm with a cup of tea, wearing an apron.
Note. I clearly remember that Sindy was spelt with an S and not a C

Monday, 7 March 2011

Oolie's visit to Tina's

Oolie arrived last Thursday evening.
On Friday, we had to go by my friend Tina's to pickup the tiles that I did for Penny's kitchen.
Here are some photos from our visit to pick up the tiles:

Tina's artwork! I love these two paintings. They are examples of her painting when she is not working on pottery.
I like the sky in the one below...

Oolie and I were doing our best "Vanna White"
to show off Tina's pottery.

And, here we are at the front door - love the color -
posing with a couple of pots.

And Tina, being particularly goofy pretending to water the heather plant with an empty pitcher.
More later.......

Friday, 4 March 2011

the OTHER March girl!!!

Clare has a birthday in March, TOO!
March the 20th......and that makes her our true SPRING Violet.
Dear, dear Clare, we hope that things are going well and that you are finding good balance in all the chaos that is "FAMILY".....
We love and miss you and think about you all the time.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU!!!!!