Monday, 14 March 2011

Threads of Memory

Rummaging around various baskets of fabric I came across a piece I had squirrelled away that had belonged to my grandmother. When I was a little girl she had made the most gorgeous gown for my Sindy doll out of it. I had loved that dress, the blue and the gold use to make me so happy, knowing that Sindy would go to the ball. So I thought I want a dress out of this, but there wasn't quite enough. So I copied the design of Katie's (Armitages) apron that I had got from her (thank you) and made this bit of cloth into something that I can wear everyday and pretend that the carriage awaits. The house filled with the smell of my grandmother when making the Sindy Doll Blue Apron, it was quite strange.
Apron's are such lovely things.
Cooking in the kitchen I put on another apron, one I rarely wear and my eldest said, you always wore that apron when we made Welsh Cakes, when I was little. My grandmother made Welsh Cakes in Aprons with me. I have made Welsh Cakes in Aprons with mine.
Danielle was quite right about the "threads of feeling" exhibition it was really moving and I think somehow we violets do it everyday. We store up colours and shapes in our heads and take them with us, connecting us to the people and places we love.
So when wearing your favourite apron I suggest making Welsh Cakes:
here is the recipe: Sieve 80z of self raising flour into a bowl with 3 teaspoons of mixed spice, rub in 4oz butter until the mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Add 30z sugar and 30z of currants, add one beaten egg and turn into a firm dough. Place on table and press till approx. 1/4 inch thick and cut into small discs. Bake on both sides on a hot a griddle, best eaten warm with a cup of tea, wearing an apron.
Note. I clearly remember that Sindy was spelt with an S and not a C


  1. Joanna - thanks for that lovely post. It really warmed my heart. I, too, have been thinking about aprons (pinnies) because I wear one everyday that I work at the shop and love it. Your new blue one is extra-special, to be sure. I imagine that is a beautiful color for you. And....don't you love that a child does NOT forget those most special moments? That is a lesson for us to remember...treasure those moments ..remember the tiny little, perfect, inspiring times that we hold so dear.
    Love to you, dear Violet!

  2. Oh My- I want to run around the corner, knock on your door, and be welcomed in for a cup of Earl Grey Tea with the fragrance of Welsh Cakes cooling on a rack!!!!! I'll even wear an apron! LOVE- Oolie