Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vintage Quilt Fabric Book

I was so inspired by Sammy's recent blog photos of the talented woman who created a fabric book out of vintage quilt fabric, and then added favorite quotes to each page with "needle & thread" writing.......... that I had to purchase this very old, torn up quilt I came across today. I have been talking to Jone about doing a workshop around this idea......and there sat this amazing quilt set out in a lovely "log cabin" design....perfect for creating pages of a book! If the workshop never happens.......... guess what you all will receive for holiday gifts from me for the next year or so......?! The inchies are about to start their journey! LOVE- Oolie


  1. LOVE IT!
    What a great find, Oolie......
    ohhh, I miss you like crazy....


  2. What a great find Oolie! Im secretly hoping you dont make the book! How wicked is that! Mind you it would make a lovely book - i loved the one on Sams blog too - there are sooooo many talented makers out there arent there?
    Thanks for the mail will be in touch