Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Here are a couple of things I did for Christmas ..

The first is a fabric collage - for my friend Michele who wanted me to make her something for her sitting room. Some time ago, I found her the most beautiful red indian chintz wallpaper - a fortune a roll but only one or two needed! Working with her colour theme I made this collage from bits of my stuff - some of the red printed linen I bought while at Les Soeurs in July (Im having great value from that please see my blog ' I applied a piece of it to my first pocket and made a bird - still have a bijou morsel left!) some vintage trimmings from Sandie at Rag Rescue - I recommend that you check out on the internet? Sandie sells some lovely vintage trims and fabrics in tiny pieces for special projects and offers excellent service. I bought a really cheap frame, painted and antiqued it and was quite happy with my first foray into fabric collage.

The second was present for Iris, my great niece, its a beautiful watercolour by Dean Spillie that I bought when we visited their studio in July. Painted on a glorious french antique letter I think its just delightful and it will be a lovely thing for Iris in years to come. I float-mounted the painting on handmade paper and kept the frame simple to show off the artwork.

It was a joy to use some treasures on handmade gifts for friends and family. Looking through my summer finds, remembering the lovely time we all had in July.......... happily Im going back this year for the Rachel Hazell workshop - late July so Im hoping for a cool spell!


  1. weren't we so lucky to meet Billie and Dean?
    I have been wondering how I can get the money together to come to France for the Rachel Hazell workshop, too. Katie thought I would really enjoy it. I will let you know if I can get there - wouldn't that be fun?


    love your "shadow box" of French Stuff....and Dean's irises...sigh...

  2. Oh Jone!!!! Please do - we can solder in the evenings too! And make lovely paper things by day how delightful!