Sunday, 26 December 2010

Holiday Hellos

Hope everyone is still full of holiday cheer. Wanted to wish you all a great 2011 full of arts, travel and good food. Miss you all.


  1. What a wall of lovelies!

    Dear Taylor, thank you soooo much for my precious girl. You amaze me! These are really showing your path....and courage......and seem to be what you need right now - they are so great! I am so happy to have the one you chose for me...and "3" is one of my lucky numbers! (along with "7") Thank you from the very bottom of my heart..

    Much love to you. Hope to see you one day on the near future...

  2. Kool and the gang!!!
    So cool and so personal!!!!
    Happy New Year Taylor

  3. Hi Taylor! I love these ladies - they are like your journal pages brought to life! Just fabulous! Each individual with a great deal of personality and together they make a great display don't they. I have a bird for you Taylor, please send your address and I will send to you - my email is - hope u like it when it lands! Xxdi