Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Clementine's Krafty Kitchenette

I just LOVED this fun tutorial from a new online business, The Mercerie set up by a friend Sue Maton - her products are great too - she's adding more regularly. Pretty sure you'll all love it too.  Sue also does heaps of classes in Norwich - including at Arts Desire, a wonderful wee shop full of fab things.  

Norwich is getting to be a very crafty place, as we also have the Make Place - which has over 30 classes! 

If any of you would like a visit - I am very happy to be the hostess with the mostess - I have a spare double room and am within walking distance of EVERYWHERE, including the Railway Station.  Norwich is a beautiful City with lots of gorgeous shopping and second hand/vintage shops at very good prices. Tempted????

XXXX to you all.


  1. Jodie

    Very camp! Norwich sounds great, but presently a bit far away with boys!

  2. VERY tempted...
    hmmmmm, I'll have to put that on my wish list!

    Now, off to watch the tutorial..
    thanks Jodie... xo