Tuesday, 7 September 2010

end of summer blues

Hello pantryviolets,
missing those heady summer evenings stitching and gassing with you all as the leaves start to turn brown....still dipping into the haberdashery stash that I have not had the heart to put away yet...made another bracelet that reminded me of those jumbles of scraps on our tables..I even used that exquisite fabric that you gave me Oolie...Francesca actually gasped when she saw me unpicking it ( I think she is probably a trainee pantry Violet!!??)
Jone and I were discussing a recipe swap, would you all like to post your favorite recipes on the blog next week? The weather has turned cooler here in the UK and thoughts of glorious food are returning as the days get shorter!
If there are no objections Jone and I shall start, I don't think that it matters about the measurements etc, but we probably need photographic evidence!!


  1. good job, Danielle.....
    Once you get home (and I get back from Austin) we will begin the "Sharing of Recipes." I think it'll be great to have everyones favorites in ALL of our kitchens.
    I can hardly wait!!!!


  2. Danielle,
    Love this bracelet the most of the recent ones you have posted.

  3. Great bracelet danielle - love the pattern together - weren't oolies squares fabulous - nothing compares to vintage fabrics - except maybe old and worn out ones maybe. on the recipe front i fear i will disappoint - cooking is not my strong suit but i will scout arond for a recipe to join in!