Monday, 23 May 2011

finished inchie

Here it is, one finished inchie. I'm about half-way through and loving every minute of this project!


  1. SAM! It is wonderful!
    I am so happy that there will be a flower joining the inchies - along with those french knots (!)
    This is so exciting. I am glad that you are enjoying it. I tell you, each new post has me crazy! I am going to be a basket case by the time ot gets to me!!!


  2. Oooh that looks fab! Panicking now though as I had planned to do something Incredibly similar... minus the French knot border! Will have to have a rethink now!! Its going to be such a lovely thing to have when it's finished. Keep up the good work xx

  3. Thanks Jone :)

    Dearest Clare, I am so sorry to upset your plan! Some way into sewing those flowers I did think to myself that no-one else would be so silly as to want to do all those damn petals... But, are you sure you can't do it regardless? I'm sure our flowers are quite different and I'd love too see another one on there as I love them so much!

  4. I remember your flowers over the summer, Clare, and the stems you did.
    Is it possible to add a stem and do your little Suffolk Puff flower?
    Something to think about .....


  5. dear clare I was thinking about stitching a simple brown button onto each square as the thought of competing with the brilliance of the pantry violets has left me stuck for you want that idea and I can stitch on a poppa or something???!!


  6. Oh Sammy!!!!! My first look at a computer in quite a while and upon rushing straight to our blog I was instantly rewarded with your precious little "inchie flower"!!!!! I was wondering what you planned to stitch inside the beautiful Fr. knot border.....what a lovely surprise! You Go Girl! You simply amaze me with your stitching talent and creativity! I think of you often on my travels!!!! LOVE, LOVE, Oolie