Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A quick knit scarf.

I've recently joined a creative knitting group and we've been learning about cables. This is my experimentation scarf with a double sided cable and dropped stitches. It's a bit hard to see but the cable is the same on both sides of the scarf - achieved with a 1x1 rib rather than rows of plain/purl knitting - for those of you who knit. It took hardly any time as the wool was thick and there were only 18 stitches. I'm going to do another one without the dropped stitches for a friend's husband as it looked quite a 'masculine' scarf design - but I do have quite a bit of time before winter - so guess there's no rush. Have also been inchie trialling....


  1. fabulous scarf!
    I cannot knit and am in awe of those of you who make it look so incredibly easy and simple....sigh.....

    have a wonderful time experimenting with those cables...isn't it nice having a group to share it all with? Don't know what I'd do without my groups!


  2. I love that scarf too! Is it your own pattern Jodie? Can you post it here for us? Would love to try the manly version without dropped stitches for Grant.

  3. Hi Sam,
    It's not exactly my own pattern - I added the dropped stitches - the original pattern is here:

    I knitted mine on 12mm needles with very chunky soft wool - and used about 1.5 balls of wall. It would be interesting to do a double rather than single cable (every other cable row taking the cable stitches to front rather than the back of the needles). Anyway, when I knit up the next one I'll post it and I look forward to seeing yours too.

    I absolutely love your inchie teeny flowers - what patience and eyesight! I've been trialling some different ideas, but they're just embroidery rather than anything ambitious. I am really looking forward to doing them.

    Bye for now.

  4. Love your scarf! I'm a big fan of the loop knit scarf! What are you working on next for your knitting circle?