Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little works of art

Twelvemo FigureTwelvemo FigureTwelvemo FigureTwelvemo Figure


This is an amazing little poseable figure my friend Sarah made completely from 'scratch' (took her two years!!). I am thinking of her posing in Briancon amongst all Julie's wares - she does have a very blissful expression (the doll not Sarah!).

Sarah's also made these teeny little silver dancers (and is selling them on Etsy).


  1. these are pretty incredible...would love a point of reference for size, though...
    they look soooo good, but like they might be quite small.



  2. They are quite small yes... The jointed figures are 14 cm tall. The silver dancers are 31 cm. My Etsy shop is called Twelvemo. There isn't much there yet but there is more information... Have also got a website, but beware - My work is very diverse and varied! I can't help it. (Friends say I should separate the different strands of my practice but I don't want to. This is me). Glad you like the figures.

  3. Hello again, I've uploaded some more Twelvemo images onto Etsy and one pic shows the figure with an egg for scale. (It's blue, but is normal chicken's egg sized.)