Saturday, 14 May 2011


When going through my mom's books last week, I found this little lovely - perfect for what I love to do! I am so excited to really give it some time and go through each page...but thought I'd share it with you today:

this one looks like one I designed many years ago.
it was made into stickers and rubber stamps.. it....
Hope these pages have inspired you all.


  1. Jone- This absolutely "blew my mind"!!!!!!! I had to go and top off my wine glass......! The stitched letters are amazing and right up your creative ally, dear girl!!!! Sign me up to sit with you anywhere in the world to just sit and stitch these beautiful letters. You absolutely find the most incredible treasures every time you visit your Mom.....the "Mary Jane shoes & socks" illustration that turned into a few precious hand- carved stamps of yours, just to name one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!
    Let's chat before Tues. LOVE- Your Oolie

  2. Sign me up for that class too!
    That book is a TREASURE.....I want to learn!!!
    Thank's for sharing

  3. Sign me up too! What a great find!

  4. Okay, Ladies - where should we meet up?

    I think that Malmoe is a good idea!
    We could just pour through the whole book - one letter at a time.

  5. Malmö sounds perfect to me!!!! When????

  6. Jone, that is quite a find. I can't wait to see what you do with your ideas gleamed from the book.

  7. oh never mind all that travel...I think you need to colour copy the whole book 10 times, hand stitch it together, and send us all a copy!
    Its soo stunning...what is it about letters that is so lovely!