Thursday, 19 May 2011


Have been sooo busy.....too busy to even blog! Busy making bunny rabbits for work....rather chuffed with the fact that I got some crochet in...still obsessed with the crochet hook....hope you are all well!


  1. She is the sweetest bunny ever....
    You brought YOU to the "safe" bunny.....

    I adore her, truly.....xo

  2. She is gorgeous Danielle, I love the dress, especially the bodice :)

  3. What a snuggiliciously cuddly creature - you have been busy. Am actually thinking of attempting a 'life size' version of her dress for myself... but perhaps not in pink. Watch this space!!! Are you coming to Briancon this year Danielle? I'm really hoping so. You've inspired me to post a picture of a 'dolly' I made a couple of years ago - will put it up in a couple of days. xXXXXXXx