Friday, 6 May 2011

This is my End of Year Exhibition Piece completed today!!! I moved on from my original 'jigsaw' picture and made this 'textile'. It's at least 18,000+ pieces of jigsaw, each pushed into the holes in nylon action mesh. They just stay there and create this huge textile sculpture which I can move around into different shapes.

Needless to say my fingerprints are now different from the callouses, and I have a huge 'broken' pieces pile. In all it took about 100 hours, and due to RSI issues I restricted myself to 3 hours a day - guess I probably spend that much time watching TV though - so not too arduous.... Hope you like it. (It's about 3m x 45cm in size when flat).


  1. Jodie! I think your work is just amazing - how in earth did u come up with the idea? I can't believe it can move! Like a textile -! I love the depth and the texture - it's just extraordinary - and the colour variation is so beautiful - from a distance it looks like fur! Only on the close up can u tell it's individual pieces. You deserve a top mark for innovation and a distinction for the patient hours and physical discomfort. It's truly remarkable. Xxdi

  2. I love this. It looks soft like a scarf. Love how it moves.

  3. Oh Jodie - you are a genius.
    You constantly amaze me with your expertise...and your imagination. mean, WOW!!!!

    Congratulations on the completion of your final project. I clicked on it enlarge it and am totally blown away by YOU! You are spectacularly awesome!!

  4. Hi and wow this is amazing!!! Where on earth do you find action mesh? I've been looking for something malleable for a sculpture for ages?!