Sunday, 21 February 2010

weekend diversions

Hi Violets,
I don't usually post my work on both blog spots but I really like this page I did in my journal so I wanted to share it. I have gone a bit rabbity these days. Maybe because they are always hopping around in a hurry.

The next picture is of an apron I am making for a friend. I will see her at Artfest (a cool art retreat outside of Seattle) at the end of March and hope I can finish it in time. The fabric is an old sack I found at an antique mall. The flour was from an old mill in Louisville, KY where she lives so I am excited about the project. I still have to embroider, apply applique pieces, attach a tie and pocket(what is an apron without a pocket?) and add the secret fabric inside. (Long story about that).
Have enjoyed seeing everyone's stuff. Jone and Oolie- I am mad for your paper mache pieces.
xxoo Taylor


  1. Love your drawing style Taylor!
    "The old sack idea" is awesome,
    please show the apron before you give it to your friend!

  2. okay, that is a very cute apron!
    I think that the embroidery is great and I love that the flour sack is originally from Louisville! She is going to LOVE it, too!

    I think that your "bunny people" are really nice. Fun to take an animal and "humanize" it...great journal you are creating!