Saturday, 27 February 2010


I looked outside and saw this daffodil trying to grow up through an empty pot....
Through the snow and cold, it was finding its way up to the sunshine..
Now, THAT is determination and drive!
A couple a of days later, it has grown! I was tempted to take the pot off, but I am fascinated by this phenomenon. Is it cruel to restrict it like this? Maybe I will relieve it this afternoon...

And, Oolie, this one is for YOU! 
My friend, Anna (Queen of Flat Rate) had this wonderful little 'Shroom guy out at Christmastime and I fell in love with him. She brought him over so I could take a photo for you, and maybe figure out how to make one!
A big smile to all of you......
Check out "polkadotponie" to see the amazing gift that came from Sweden!!!

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