Sunday, 7 February 2010

Book Pictures

Hey Pantry Honeys,
I finished my two books and wanted to show some of the inside pages. Also made that belt. I love the fabrics. Hope everyone is well and full of ideas. I have enjoyed reading the blog and seeing what everyone is up to. If only we could just make things all day and sit around the sewing table. I miss that sewing table chatter very much. One day...


  1. taylor -wow
    absolutely beautiful.
    you must just look at them and smile!
    I think that you did a magnificent job, from what I can see in the photos.
    and the belt will surely encourage spring to come a little sooner...

    well done, my friend.
    I, too, miss our chatter at the sewing table.
    we must find a way to get the ladies over to the states for a workshop sometime, don't you think?


  2. The book looks so great, a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of love!

    Jone, a workshop in the states,YES please!



  3. Taylor-
    These books are great! I love the fun is that?!!!! Your lovely "thank you" package was waiting for me. The journal and fabrics are most appreciated...thank you! Could you please post the "Oh, I wish I were a rabbit today"? It is marvelous!!!!!! Is it your artwork? If so, how did you make it? I just love it!!! Let's keep keeping in touch!
    Merci Beaucoup! Julie

  4. Oolie, the rabbit is on my other blog site.I did make it. It is a drawing. I'll email you the site but I think if you click on my photo you can get there. Thanks for the kind words. I love my piece of France.