Saturday, 6 February 2010


My friend, Alison, has a birthday in September. Last summer, I started this felt "booklet" for her. I did not get it done in time for her birthday, so planned on sending it for Christmas.....
I was not sure how to finish it and as a result, it has been sitting on my table for way too long.

Today I am doing the last little bit to "tie it up" and then it will be in the mail to her for Valentine's Day...

I love you, Alison, and hope that you will love this little "something" I have made for you.
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas ........ and ......"Will You Be My Valentine?"


  1. Jone

    This is such a beautiful present. Does it use the felt that you dyed at Briacon?
    Happy Valentine's

  2. This is more than great, what a lucky girl this ALISON is!
    Would really love to see this IRL,please bring your "felt stuff" to Briançon, to give some inspiration and also for some photography;)

  3. Thanks, ladies, for the lovely comments!
    I must say that the felt makes me soooo happy. I feel comfy and safe and inspired. Guess I need to "listen" a little more closely to that little voice inside.....

    cannot WAIT to see the two of you!