Thursday, 4 February 2010


Have just finished a marathon needlefelting session, another addictive pastime! thoroughly recommend it as the repetitive motion of sticking needles into soft stuff strangely satisfying! Very pleased with my doll as she is one of the few dolls that I have made that does n't look too scary! Tried to do one of those annoying handbag tassle things with an owl and a mouse....sometimes difficult to find a use for all these craft activities!
The jars are inspired by Joanna of course who I am sure has now completed a fabric cityscape of Bath!
Happy crafting Violets!


  1. Your doll is beautiful.
    We were not able to see her very well on skype is so nice to see what lovely work you do....
    Mom wants to know how you did the eyes..

    I am coveting the red & white toadstools!!! wow...on the green dotted hill. You must teach me how to do that this summer, okay?


  2. Those are amazing. all of it. I love the mushrooms the best but the doll is impressive. I am always left wondering what you will make next.

  3. Danielle

    What a lot of work, I can't work out if you actually making all the felt yourself or what the process is. Whatever it is, this is good stuff just tell us more about how you are actually doing it.
    Good to see you need my inspiration!
    Keep burning dinners. Joanna xx