Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Finished Products

So, I was torn about this photo - I do not think it is the best of Oolie, but sooooo DARN CUTE and really captures our "mood" in the studio. We were having a wonderful time and got soooo much done. I am in awe of her focus and drive. 

Below, Oolie is holding the hanger that she used as a "mold" to make a couple of papier mache hangers. They turned out sooo cute!
She is incredible....

Here, Oolie is painting the little cup and saucer. She used the most wonderful raspberry red paint - yummy! Below is the finished tea cup and saucer ................wow..... polkadots!

The little pram. Oolie chose a French blue (hmmm, wonder why) 
The top was made separately from the bottom and attached later with little mother of pearl brads. The wheels really roll - with wire axels.

And, here is the hanger holding a beautiful little crocheted dollie dress. I find all of this sooo inspiring. 
So, does it make you want to go do something creative?
Why not?


  1. Thank´s Jone for giving us all the lovely photos and details!
    I´m impressed also by Julie´s work, the polka dotted little cup and the awesome pram, I can see that you were really busy and enjoying yourselves 100%.

  2. Jone dear-
    Can I hire you to be my papier mache public relations person?!!!!!! Thank you bunches for posting my stuff..every step of the way! You are pretty darn awesome yourself! Where's a photo of the mushroom you made me? Please post it as I have run out of time..and have caught Mark's valentine's cold.....! LOVE- Oolie

  3. no wonder you ladies have such fun in your studio, Jone. It's the land of teeny tiny wonderment and sparkle. the muse of all things amazing and darling lives there, FULL TIME! She's just settled in, and ain't goin' nowhere! ...and there are dogs there! one, has Mr. Green: squeak squeak!