Sunday, 7 February 2010

Cup Cake Competition

Inspired by all your different competitions (Jone and Danielle) I´ve decided to leave a contribution to a cup cake competition!
This is just a little sneak peek of some cup cakes photographs that I´ve done.
My theme is Vintage Fairy Tales Cup Cakes.
I´ve been enjoying myself doing some happy paper decorations,
and yes there are some vintage dolls involved too.
I love working with beautiful papers!
I´m looking forward to show you the other photographs as well.
My ambition was to create a carnival like atmosphere.

Have a great week all of you

Lot´s of love


  1. oh Becky!
    You and I MUST spend some quality time together in France this summer. So many things that you have posted I am breathless for. This cupcake is no exception! And the tiny bunting xoxoxo

    I am soooo glad that you like my felt goodies, too.

    Let's plan on an afternoon in the conservatory, maybe. Or, out by the pool? Truly, I can hardly wait to get back to Briancon.....


  2. okay, it is me again.
    I was just looking at this post one more time and thought that it would be very nice to have a Swedish newspaper to cut up.
    Any chance you could bring one with you to Briancon this summer?

    Hope you're having a great day! It is snowing her - again! No school, due to the condition of the roads...sigh....

  3. Your cupcake is indeed in the running- and healthy too. Next stop... a hedgehog coming out of a cupcake.

  4. Dear Becky-
    I am so glad that "petite Briancon" arrived in tact and that you are enjoying it! Soon we will be inside those very front doors!!!!! I am posting a small package to you today to contribute to your "cupcake challenge"!!
    I LOVE the newsprint heart atop your cupcake! I want to stitch up a million of them! Stay warm...LOVE- Julie/Oolie