Sunday, 28 February 2010

March Birthday Girls!

Happy Birthday to the three ladies with birthdays in March!

Cynthia's birthday is March 15th - the Ides of March. Hope it is lovely for you....

Clare! Where are you? How on Earth are you?!! Happy Birthday to you on the 20th!
Here you are dancing with Sue...have a dance on your day, too.

And me, on the 5th. I will be with Sue on the Colorado River running through the Grand Canyon! We are looking forward to it with excitement and a tiny bit of fear (!)
It will be a life-altering experience, just like France last summer.

Have a wonderful March everyone!
Love to all of you...


  1. have a grat birthday Jone! I'm totally into going to see Alice in Wonderland if you haven't seen it yet by the time you get back. it looks delicious. I like the heart lipstick on the Red Queen's lips.

  2. Happy Birthday ladies. Wishing you the best when your big day arrives.