Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weaving with Julie

Thank you for all your comments on my blog. It really helped me this week. Although I would very much like to have sewed the skyline of Bath (Danielle) I spent 3 long wet days in wind and fog making a willow labyrinth and fence with another artist called Julie (Starks). I am putting together a garden at Evan's kindergarten and this is this first piece of the jigsaw. It was a real team effort of about 5 of us each day plus all the kids from the school and kindergarten. Lots of weaving with willow that will grow and flower and look a bit similar to the one in the picture below which Julie and I did last year. It really is amazing to make houses and tunnels out of this stuff but unlike sewing involves lots of mud. We hit quite a few problems in the ground works, but were so blessed because at every point someone turned up who then helped.
Loving seeing what you are all up to. Love Joanna


  1. I think that the willow garden you are encouraging to grow is MaGiCaL!!
    wow....I love it!
    Hoe incredibly lucky the school is to have you there as a parent....
    ... and those boys? Lucky, lucky, lucky.....

    looking soooo forward to our summer adventure, Joanna!
    Can hardly wait!

    How is the preparation for the Craft Class for the kiddos going?

  2. Joanna(er)-
    Sorry it has taken me forever to comment on your latest AMAZING willow are one creative and intrepid Pantry Violet!!!!!
    How do I enroll at this kindergarden so I can be a part of all this amazing creativity?!!!! Seriously, I would love to come and visit you in Bath and see first hand how you are constructing this wonderful willow living fence. Maybe a Violet workshop will happen in the future in Bath!
    I am off on a bit of traveling but will be watching for more news from Bath! LOVE- Julie