Monday, 15 February 2010

Oolie's Visit

When Oolie arrived last Thursday, I jumped up and down!
We had a fantastic time - re-creating a miniature version of our time at Briancon.
Talking, creating, laughing, exploring....dropping things, forgetting things (!)drinking tea, and coffee (lattes)
We hit the Teahouse once, with Mark (her hubby), but the rest of the time we spent in the studio, mostly.......I will send photos of that time in the next post.

This is the pin that Oolie MADE for me and brought to me as a gift! It is soooo wonderful!
We sure did talk about all of you ladies..and gentleman.......(xo) and cannot wait to be with you again!

I took this photo of Oolie and Mark just before they left yesterday early afternoon. Mark was not feeling all that great - sinus infection? - but I think he looks just fine here....

Oolie, I miss you and am glad that you made it home safely!
Kinda gray today - so NOT New Mexico...

Happy President's Day everyone!

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  1. Jone dear-
    You are so sweet to be posting photos of Mark & I and my pin for you when the Spoonflower deadline is ticking sure to consult your watch set permanently at 10:00!!!!!! I can't thank you enough dear friend.....our time together was truly "Briancon-like"! Can't wait to do it again after your river trip! LOVE to family- Oolie