Friday, 19 February 2010

Stitching in Thailand

Wonderful to see Joni and Julie's papier mache creations - Julie Arkell would be proud of you!

Below is a little embroidery on Thai silk, "homage to Billie Spille", that I did whilst we were travelling in the Far East - usually whilst we were hanging around in airports waiting for transfers, and in the hotels. Those of you who visited Billie's studio last summer will be pleased to hear she is still painting away, is in moderately good health and surviving this continual cold spell we are having in northern Europe this year (snowed again here last week!) despite the freezing conditions of her little studio. Brrghh.

I so enjoyed doing the little embroidery - not something I would normally attempt anymore as it was very time consuming. I filled it with the last of last year's lavender from our garden.

Hope all you gals are beavering away with your sitiching, knitting and general creating - just love catching up regularly with your latest creations on this blog! Very inspiring.


  1. beautiful embroidery, Katie!
    The colors are wonderful, as is the stitching - well done!
    I hope that we will be able to visit Billie's studio this summer, esp since I opted out last year.

    So glad that you are adding to the blog! Isn't it a great way to stay together?

  2. Lovely pillow Katie. I have started some embroidery too and will post it when I have finished (part of an apron). Your shapes are so inspiring.

  3. Ooh that is lovely....many times since leaving the Briancon paradise I have toyed with the idea of doing something in the Billy Spiele style!
    Well I am impressed! Mainly that you have the presence of mind and spirit to embroider in an airport...I am usually running round in a cold sweat hyperventilating in a panic attack!

  4. Beautiful embroidery, love the colours and the pattern, Katie!