Sunday, 31 January 2010

plastic bunny girl

This little bunny girl got my attention recently as I was hunting for more old pocket watch
 faces.  I think she will travel with me to Briancon and be waiting on Julie Arkell's pillow one night as a surprise!  There's just nothing like a good surprise every now and then to keep life interesting!  Hope all of the Violets are doing well and surviving winter around the globe.
                                                               LOVE-  Julie/Oolie


  1. that might be the cutest bunny girl I have ever seen in my life. when you come to Santa Fe have Jone take you out to El Dorado to Treasure Trove. I thought that might be where you got it, but you're not here yet...are you?

  2. Dear oolie, where do you find these treasures? Bunny is wonderful but I would guard him carefully if Becky is around, its right up her street!
    I think that julie Arkell might make you teachers pet if you leave this on her pillow!!!!

  3. the more I look at her, the more I say "if I don't have that, I'm goin' die" I don't say that very much, but you'd never know it, to look at the clutter below,above and all around me. the expression on a doll's face is the most important thing, and that girl is the Mona Lisa of the bunny world. I think it's her first day of kindergarten. she brought a carrot for the teacher. entirely too gosh darn cute!