Monday, 25 January 2010


I feel like such a loser!
I awoke at 5 am and should've gotten up to finish the Spoonflower challenge for the week.
Instead, I did my morning stuff and then came up. 
I found a bit of a glitch that needed to be fixed, so I fixed it. 
When it was finally ready to go, I pushed the button ...and.... it was 10:02!
I missed it by just two tiny minutes!

Anyway, here is the design that I was to submit...
whatdya think?

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  1. Jone- I posted a comment yesterday A.M. Don't know why it did not show up on the blog!!!! What I remembered saying is: I love the design and would like to order it in note cards, gift enclosure cards, wrapping paper and stickers!!!!! How frustrating to miss a deadline by 2 minutes....I think you need a special watch...hmmmmmm! LOVE- Oolie