Sunday, 10 January 2010

"Bittersweet End of Summer Challenge"

Well, after only five months I´m here with my contribution to the challenge.
I picked the last Zinnias and made a bouquet.

Now I have given myself a new challenge, a really hard one!
I want to become more active here in "The Pantry Violets" than Jone.
Almost impossible, I know...
Anyone else who wants to try too?

Love to you all


  1. wow! never had anyone make a challenge from ME before...
    tee hee...
    I love that I smile when I am writing to you, Becky!
    and I love your zinnias!!!

    Good Luck on your "new challenge?"....

  2. OOh love this picture even if I forgot what the challenge was.

  3. Whoa! you are throwing the gloves around Becky! I can hardly find time or content for my own blog- still I do like a bit of competition!!! are you listening Claire???