Friday, 8 January 2010

mushroom tree

Dear Pantry Violets-
With my daughter's help, I am "MAKING A NOISE"!!!!!!!!  I hope this will not be a one time effort on my part....please have patience with me!  Featured here is my holiday mushroom tree....the last of the decorations to get stored away until Dec. 2010!  You are all in my heart and thoughts and my conversations with Jone, who I will be visiting soon.  Happy New Year.  LOVE-  Oolie (Julie H. in freezing Colo.)


  1. Julie, Love your mushroom tree and great hearing from you. Hope you are doing well. It's freezing here in South Carolina too. XXtaylor

  2. YOU DID IT!!!
    This is cause for GREAT celebration!
    Your tree is so magical! I LOVE the base - that the tree is "growing" out of a mushroom.... is perfect....

    Miss you...SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!

  3. This is a true Vintage Fairy Tale Tree!
    What a collection of antique mushrooms!
    So great and so lovely whimsical!
    Lots of love