Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Little Red Riding Hood card


  1. Dear Violets- I messed up this posting...couldn't figure out how to do the comment...oh well!!!! JONE, I thought of you the minute I picked up this sweet little has a lot of creative possibilities. Red Riding Hood is dangling on a string, and the inner card pulls out so you can read the message. The card itself is wrapped around a piece of corrugated cardboard. I could take this motif and go off in a hundred directions. Can't wait to be together so we can explore options.
    Love- Oolie

  2. Sue gave me that card a LOOOOONG time ago and it still hangs in Grayson's room!

    I cannot wait for your visit!
    My mom comes next Thursday for a week and then YOU COME!!!!
    I need it so much...


  3. This is a wonderful card. Is it old?