Sunday, 31 January 2010

thank you

When I won the readers survey and ended up in Briancon I would never have believed how many good things were going to come my way. Without sounding too gushy, I am amazed at what a talented and wonderful group you all are and so happy to still be friends with you all.
Just look at what I am now the proud owner of.....Thank you so much Becky, I am thrilled to have this charming girl gracing my garden wall, the colours inspire me....


  1. And you are so awesome too Danielle. It's great to know you all. Love that picture Becky. OOh lucky Danielle.

  2. Danielle- What a great and inspiring gift from Becky! Thank you for sharing via the internet. I hope to be a guest in Jone's studio soon. We have BIG plans to papier mache and just about everything else imaginable! I have been taking felting classes recently and keep your gorgeous bracelet with the crocheted flowers foremost in my creative mind! See you on Skype (sp?) LOVE Julie

  3. Ladies...
    I will never have the words to tell you how much my life was changed going to Briancon last summer and that being with all of you was like finding friends that I had known for years, but never met.

    We are all so lucky..aren't we?